A Contract, a Date, a Plan: Publishing the Book Running in Silence

Running in Silence will be published this October.

At least, that’s the plan. A big part of it depends on how well publication tasks progress. Because even though I sighed with relief once I submitted the manuscript to Koehler Books, I knew the work was not yet done.


I understand that I have plenty of work ahead, and that this isn’t going to be a fantastic source of income (I’ve understood this from the beginning). But that’s never been the point. What fuels me to work so hard, to want this published so badly, is the passion I have to help anyone with an eating disorder know that they are not alone–that there are ways to work through it, and that we can have a voice. The amount of relief I felt in understanding my body more and in finding others who went through the same thing, makes me want those who struggle to feel that same relief and empowerment–and find happiness in their life like I have.


I want us to stop running in silence, and I can’t wait to bring my thoughts, experiences, and suggestions to life.

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  1. Dean Robertson
    Dean Robertson says:

    You work harder and learn faster than just about anyone I know–a blessing to your readers, your editor, your publisher, and yourself. This book is going to be a great gift to anyone out there who has ever wrestled with addiction, with self-loathing, with the terrible fear of not being perfect, with the terrible fear of not being enough, and with the damaging idea of success that most of us learn.

    You are going to help a lot of people, Rachael.

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