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Thankful for Recovery: The Journey, & Reaching the Destination

Thanksgiving 2010 I was so concerned about having enough “safe” foods at dinner, Thanksgiving 2011 I was eating my own separate “raw food diet” foods, Thanksgiving 2012 I was bingeing on pie in my bedroom. Thanksgiving 2017 finds me excited … Continue reading

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Promote a Healthy Attitude About Sport and Fitness

EDCare recently designed an infographic that I believe very well describes 12 signs that an athlete or fitness enthusiast is closer to injury and illness than health and wellness–many of which are associated with eating disorders. It also includes tips for parents and coaches … Continue reading

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Interview with National Champ Erin Herrmann: Speaking Up About Eating Disorders

I had the privilege of interviewing National Champion for the 3000m Steeplechase from Hope College Erin Herrmann, who came out about her eating disorder in May. She shares her story & advice for others who may be struggling in the … Continue reading

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Why I Kept Silent About My Eating Disorder, and Why Coaches Shouldn’t

Dear Coach, You are required to detect the early signs of concussions, and to know when to stop an athlete from continuing to play, all with good reason: concussions are common in many sports. Unfortunately, so are eating disorders—and we … Continue reading

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The Chin-Up Podcast: Eating Disorders in Running

I first connected with Amber Sayer (author, exercise psychologist, and certified personal trainer) years ago when I read her memoir PR: A Personal Record of Running From Anorexia. It was one of the first eating disorder running memoirs I had read … Continue reading

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Embracing the Life Experience

Lately I’ve been trying out new avenues for the full life experience, because the more I’ve explored what it means to live outside of perfection, the more I’ve realized how much pleasure I have denied myself. Worry and guilt were … Continue reading

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“It could be worse.”

“Just be happy with what you have.” “At least you don’t have cancer.” “Don’t look so grim.” What all of these phrases are really saying: Your feelings are trivial.

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Don’t You Let Go

I can’t help but think of Lord of the Rings when I think of the relationship we have with an eating disorder–or for anyone with any addiction, for that matter. I was never a huge, nerdy (the cool nerdy! No hatin’ … Continue reading

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We Must Speak

I want to tell you that it is okay to ask for help. That even now I still struggle to do it myself. That just the other day, when I finally admitted to myself that the eating disorder was worsening again, … Continue reading

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For the Skeptics and Naysayers of the Body Image Movement

I am excited about what social media is doing to help people speak up and love their bodies. The Body Image Movement is gaining momentum, what with blogs of the voices of bigger men and women, photoshopping revealed in videos, … Continue reading

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