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“They Just Disappeared”: Beyond Anorexia in Runners

We often picture eating disorders in the running world as a frail girl crossing the finish line in first place. There’s the assumption that they will run into multiple stress fractures in the next few years—and that, that is how … Continue reading

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Chilled To the Bone: It’s Time for BINGE

I’m happy that To the Bone (YOU’VE BEEN TRIGGER-WARNED!!) is airing on Netflix to start an important eating disorder conversation, but I’m disappointed that the eating disorder story hasn’t varied or expanded in television/movies. It focuses on the physical consequences … Continue reading

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Rachael Recovered?

[[[TRIGGER WARNING.]]] I didn’t realize until recently how unhealthy and DISORDERED my mindset was these past five years–in all stages of an ever-changing eating disorder. After presenting about my experiences to my college a few times I’ve realized that when … Continue reading

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Discipline, Drugs, and Disorder

After a bad race two years ago for indoor track (I had binged terribly the night before and even a bit into that morning), my coach had come over to talk to me about the race. “I’m mad because I know you’re … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Brittany Burgunder’s Battle

I came across Brittany’s blog about a year ago and found her eating disorder struggle similar to my own. I have certainly not gone through the same intensity, but as in with any eating disorder or disordered eating, the disorder should … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Laura Burkett & Intuitive Eating

This month’s guest post is by Laura Burkett, a holistic nutrition counselor and eating psychology coach in West Michigan who works with local and national clients. I actually met Laura the summer I was learning and first experimenting with raw … Continue reading

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Eating Disorders Vs. Healthy Eating

Let’s say a friend chooses to order a salad while the rest of your friends order pizza. Is this friend restricting calories to lose weight he doesn’t need to lose? Or does he genuinely just want a salad right now because … Continue reading

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Why Did You Do It? The Raw Truth

I wanted to start answering questions posed in the comments section a while back. Please feel free to ask more questions if any come up. One of the biggest questions asked was why I felt the need to do the raw … Continue reading

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Falling Into the Deep, Dark Binge…

I’ll admit, posting about my bingeing episodes on this website was embarrassing. Luckily they were far enough in the past that posting about my distant experiences made it a little easier. This might be why I am devoting an entire … Continue reading

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