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National Eating Disorders Awareness Week: An Update

I can’t believe how easily time gets away from me–it’s already been nearly two weeks since National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (NEDAW), and I’m able to update on the craziness at last. A few days before the NEDAW officially began, Karen Saukas … Continue reading

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Visiting Suzy Favor Hamilton: California Part II

Half the time in California was spent with Suzy, including a gorgeous bike ride along the coast to Venice beach, and two hot yoga classes (“This is my community!” Suzy said). The other half of my time was spent walking by … Continue reading

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My Heart is Broken

The man behind the scenes of Running in Silence (helping me to bring it to life and starting the editing and revising process) passed away Tuesday night and I can’t believe how much it hurts to write that. Dr. Brent … Continue reading

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Book Release Aftermath

It has taken five years of writing, editing, and research to make Running in Silence happen, which means that when the book released this past Tuesday, most of what I felt was relief and exhaustion. And as everyone buys the book and … Continue reading

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My Story is Your Story

Running in Silence is not just my story. It’s a peek into thousands of stories. I share my journey not to highlight what happened to me specifically, but to reveal an individual perspective of fear, darkness, and chaos that either … Continue reading

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Upcoming Book Release

My life has been non-stop busy, what with coaching cross country (finishing off a good season with our ladies!), adapting to a new work routine at the YMCA (it’s great to work for a place that not only focuses on … Continue reading

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Book Breakdown

When I first received the PDF version of Running in Silence, I was in awe of the layout (props to Koehler Books!). But this soon turned into somewhat of a horror film as I began to make a final round … Continue reading

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New Publication Date & Sharing My Story

Due to small editing tasks falling behind (which is not a rare occurrence in the publishing world), the release date of Running in Silence had to be pushed back a month to November 15, 2016. While this wasn’t the most exciting news at … Continue reading

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The Tour Begins

–or pre-book tour, you might say. I had my first paid speaking engagement this past Thursday–and I say “paid” not because I’m in this for the money (*all of us authors/artists laugh*), but because it feels more official. I was asked to … Continue reading

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Connection, Creativity, & Compassion

Fundraiser #2, Facing Food Fears with Connection, Creativity, & Compassion: a change in setup and experience from my first Running in Silence book publishing fundraiser. I learned a lot from having put on that first event at Peaches Cafe in Grand … Continue reading

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