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Interview with National Champ Erin Herrmann: Speaking Up About Eating Disorders

I had the privilege of interviewing National Champion for the 3000m Steeplechase from Hope College Erin Herrmann, who came out about her eating disorder in May. She shares her story & advice for others who may be struggling in the … Continue reading

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Weight Loss & Running Faster: Beyond Fuel

 “But Rachael, you need fuel to run well.” “Your body is a machine. You are the driver. The body needs fuel and maintenance.” “If you burn it, it really does not matter what you put in the furnace.” I can’t … Continue reading

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Thin Enough? The Athlete’s Dangerous Secret

Following up on the recent bravery of Michigan State University standout runner Rachele Schulist, I want to share my story too, because I think it’s important for all of us who’ve dealt with body image issues to speak up– and … Continue reading

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It’s Time for Change

I think I’m ready for change. I’m ready to take the next step to eating “normally” among society. I’m ready to get out of this rut. It’s weird how those feelings suddenly come; when you realize the food you deemed … Continue reading

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Hungry to Speak

You ask me why I eat in secret. I wish you couldn’t see me eat. I wonder how much you think about what I eat. I decide what I will eat next to make it look like I am not … Continue reading

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Guilt and Ghosts

I still have so much anxiety about what and how much I’m eating because my body will stop at nothing to get what it wants–even if I think it doesn’t need it, even if I think I did everything right, … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Every Woman Have An Eating Disorder?

It’s amazing how many of us are obsessed about our weight. This does not, of course, exclude men (men getting eating disorders, too), but it seems typical, almost normal, to see nearly every woman out there on a diet, attempting … Continue reading

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The Power of Fear

Q: Even though running was your primary goal, when it became evident that the diet was detrimental to running it still pulled you back in. Why do you think it still gripped you even when you knew it wasn’t the … Continue reading

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Why Did You Do It? The Raw Truth

I wanted to start answering questions posed in the comments section a while back. Please feel free to ask more questions if any come up. One of the biggest questions asked was why I felt the need to do the raw … Continue reading

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The Trigger

Thinness for me never came about through a preoccupation with stick-thin models, with me flipping for magazines and wanting to look like “those girls.” I knew they were photoshopped. I knew they were enhanced. It was the girls, the women … Continue reading

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