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Promote a Healthy Attitude About Sport and Fitness

EDCare recently designed an infographic that I believe very well describes 12 signs that an athlete or fitness enthusiast is closer to injury and illness than health and wellness–many of which are associated with eating disorders. It also includes tips for parents and coaches … Continue reading

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Guest Post Sara Brekke: Breaking Through Fear

Running in Silence reader and eating disorder survivor Sara Brekke made the bold move to share her story with the hope that it would encourage more of us to find ways to stop running in silence. She says, “I am thankful … Continue reading

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Facing the Stigma: Living with an Eating Disorder as a Man

I am proud to introduce Steve Sanders for the newest guest post on Running in Silence. Steve is a recovering alcoholic , writer, and blogger at Haven House Addiction Treatment. He lives in Los Angeles, California and enjoys spending time … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Dark Side of Distance Running

I met Megan Flanagan through social media thanks to our interest in preventing eating disorders in the running world, with a similar mission of speaking about the topic, and encouraging those who struggle to speak up. I am excited to … Continue reading

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Brittany Burgunder is BACK–and with a Book!

I was honored to star Brittany Burgunder as a guest back in September 2014 as she was preparing to get her book, Safety in Numbers published. The book is here at last, published this past January. After I read the book, I wanted … Continue reading

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Race Against the Stigma of Mental Illness: Interview with Suzy Favor Hamilton

Suzy Favor Hamilton–US Junior Record holder in the 1500m; three-time national junior champion in high school; winner of nine NCAA Titles, 32 Big-Ten Championships, and seven USA National titles; American Record holder and a three-time Olympian. And back in 2012, outted as … Continue reading

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Guest Post: ED Meet BETH

Jennifer DiGennaro is an inspiring friend of mine who I met through the Go Boldly, Love Your Body Campaign in Grand Rapids. She is the founder of Nourished Energy, a fusion of Grounded, Mindful, Intuitive Eating and Energy Support for … Continue reading

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GUEST POST — Addiction: Chasing the High #2

I got in contact with Dean Robertson about half a year ago, and ever since have been so grateful for her help in editing my manuscript and navigating the publishing world. I appreciate not only her advice and wisdom with … Continue reading

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Mom Speaks

We love food in this family. My husband and I look forward to meals and plan out fun things to eat for days at a time. We go out a lot. We shared our love of food with our daughters … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Brittany Burgunder’s Battle

I came across Brittany’s blog about a year ago and found her eating disorder struggle similar to my own. I have certainly not gone through the same intensity, but as in with any eating disorder or disordered eating, the disorder should … Continue reading

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