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[Dumpster] Diving Into Male Eating Disorders: Matt’s Story & Recovery

Several years after I graduated from my high school, and well into recovering from my eating disorder, I heard about a guy running cross country at my high school who had developed anorexia. From afar I yearned to help him, … Continue reading

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Facing the Stigma: Living with an Eating Disorder as a Man

I am proud to introduce Steve Sanders for the newest guest post on Running in Silence. Steve is a recovering alcoholic , writer, and blogger at Haven House Addiction Treatment. He lives in Los Angeles, California and enjoys spending time … Continue reading

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Eating Disorders Prey on Males, Too

If you can imagine how tough it is for women to be open about their eating disorders, just imagine how tough it is for males! I had a friend who I asked to share his experience here on the blog. I encourage … Continue reading

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Input and Output: When Exercise Goes Extreme

I’d like to introduce a guest blogger for this week, Bev Mattocks. I first discovered her blog about three months ago, only to find out that it was a blog-turned-book. Her website actually inspired me to make my blog into … Continue reading

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