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The Chin-Up Podcast: Eating Disorders in Running

I first connected with Amber Sayer (author, exercise psychologist, and certified personal trainer) years ago when I read her memoir PR: A Personal Record of Running From Anorexia. It was one of the first eating disorder running memoirs I had read … Continue reading

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[Dumpster] Diving Into Male Eating Disorders: Matt’s Story & Recovery

Several years after I graduated from my high school, and well into recovering from my eating disorder, I heard about a guy running cross country at my high school who had developed anorexia. From afar I yearned to help him, … Continue reading

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Building Happiness On Stable Ground

Last night I had a dream (nightmare?) that there were people out to murder me. For reasons I cannot explain, I wasn’t too scared about this predicament. I was only sad about how little time I got to enjoy this “reborn” Rachael–the … Continue reading

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A Life Without Running

I feel there are many reasons I developed an eating disorder (predisposition, type-A personality, being a people-pleaser, etc). It began with disordered eating (which, unfortunately, is very common), and when the key turned into the lock at a track race back … Continue reading

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A+ Attitude

I’ve recently been told (and quite often now), that I have a great attitude on life. For someone who felt like she had such a bad attitude years ago (as an obsessed, possessed, distressed eating-disordered runner), this feels like both … Continue reading

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The Pain of Change

Memories of the good times you had before everything go downhill are a mix of incredibly annoying and addicting to hold onto. It’s fascinating how vivid those movie-like flashbacks are, and how distracting they can be when you are trying to move on with your life. … Continue reading

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“Please Notice When You Are Happy”

Reflecting on this past year (as today is my 24th birthday), I realize 23 has been very good to me. This is not to say everything was perfect, but it was the fastest I have developed as a person and … Continue reading

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Finding Strength in Solitude

In the midst of a fall and winter of bingeing, it seemed as if all hope had disappeared from my life. All I could see ahead of me was losing myself more and more to the eating disorder. I was far … Continue reading

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Rachael, Be Brave

“To try to be brave is to be brave.” –George MacDonald Life outside of the eating disorder feels both scary and exhilarating. I’ve had to learn to adjust to and enter the “real world” outside of my own safe nutrition-obsessed cage–which … Continue reading

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Embracing Emotion

“I am thawing.” These are the final words in Laurie Halse Anderson’s book Wintergirls. Mind you, it’s a triggering eating disorder novel for those with eating disorders, but that’s probably because it’s one of the most accurate, artistic portrayals of what it’s … Continue reading

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