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Thankful for Recovery: The Journey, & Reaching the Destination

Thanksgiving 2010 I was so concerned about having enough “safe” foods at dinner, Thanksgiving 2011 I was eating my own separate “raw food diet” foods, Thanksgiving 2012 I was bingeing on pie in my bedroom. Thanksgiving 2017 finds me excited … Continue reading

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Set Me Free: Reflecting on November 1, 2013

November 1st, 2013 was the answer I received to the above journal prayer–in the form of a broken kneecap, cracked in half during a running workout. The fractured bone was a representation of my fractured relationship with running and my … Continue reading

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Interview with National Champ Erin Herrmann: Speaking Up About Eating Disorders

I had the privilege of interviewing National Champion for the 3000m Steeplechase from Hope College Erin Herrmann, who came out about her eating disorder in May. She shares her story & advice for others who may be struggling in the … Continue reading

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The Chin-Up Podcast: Eating Disorders in Running

I first connected with Amber Sayer (author, exercise psychologist, and certified personal trainer) years ago when I read her memoir PR: A Personal Record of Running From Anorexia. It was one of the first eating disorder running memoirs I had read … Continue reading

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[Dumpster] Diving Into Male Eating Disorders: Matt’s Story & Recovery

Several years after I graduated from my high school, and well into recovering from my eating disorder, I heard about a guy running cross country at my high school who had developed anorexia. From afar I yearned to help him, … Continue reading

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Building Happiness On Stable Ground

Last night I had a dream (nightmare?) that there were people out to murder me. For reasons I cannot explain, I wasn’t too scared about this predicament. I was only sad about how little time I got to enjoy this “reborn” Rachael–the … Continue reading

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A Life Without Running

I feel there are many reasons I developed an eating disorder (predisposition, type-A personality, being a people-pleaser, etc). It began with disordered eating (which, unfortunately, is very common), and when the key turned into the lock at a track race back … Continue reading

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A+ Attitude

I’ve recently been told (and quite often now), that I have a great attitude on life. For someone who felt like she had such a bad attitude years ago (as an obsessed, possessed, distressed eating-disordered runner), this feels like both … Continue reading

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The Pain of Change

Memories of the good times you had before everything go downhill are a mix of incredibly annoying and addicting to hold onto. It’s fascinating how vivid those movie-like flashbacks are, and how distracting they can be when you are trying to move on with your life. … Continue reading

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“Please Notice When You Are Happy”

Reflecting on this past year (as today is my 24th birthday), I realize 23 has been very good to me. This is not to say everything was perfect, but it was the fastest I have developed as a person and … Continue reading

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