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My Heart is Broken

The man behind the scenes of Running in Silence (helping me to bring it to life and starting the editing and revising process) passed away Tuesday night and I can’t believe how much it hurts to write that. Dr. Brent … Continue reading

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Friends Forgotten

I felt happy for most of my high school years. I can’t say it was a joy ride, but it certainly wasn’t bad. I mainly focused on running and schoolwork, but I also built relationships with my friends and made a few new … Continue reading

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The Difficulty in Understanding

Eating disorders thrive in secrecy. Friends and family members will rarely (if ever) see the dozen empty candy bar wrappers stashed in your trash (perhaps wrapped/hidden in crumpled toilet paper) or find measuring cups lying on the counter. It may … Continue reading

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Today, I Graduate

I entered college anticipating a chance to start over—a chance to bring out the person I had always felt had been trapped inside. I left high school as a depressed, eating-disordered, running-consumed, people-pleaser perfectionist who found out, upon entering college, … Continue reading

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Mom Speaks

We love food in this family. My husband and I look forward to meals and plan out fun things to eat for days at a time. We go out a lot. We shared our love of food with our daughters … Continue reading

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Food Fights and Friends

I often think about one of my high school cross country teammates who may have dealt with an eating disorder. I couldn’t understand it at all back then and tried to encourage her to eat foods like cheese (“It has calcium … Continue reading

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A Father of Food

My dad loves food. Like, loves it. He has encouraged this same love for food in our family by cooking us meals and taking us out to fancy, unique, and cultural restaurants. Thus, going on my raw diet and eventually telling him about my … Continue reading

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Mother-Daughter Dynamic

I feel that it’s fitting to write a post about my lovely mother just in time for Mother’s day. I’m of course not going into what she did “wrong” in “contributing” to my eating disorder, as obviously that would not … Continue reading

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Input and Output: When Exercise Goes Extreme

I’d like to introduce a guest blogger for this week, Bev Mattocks. I first discovered her blog about three months ago, only to find out that it was a blog-turned-book. Her website actually inspired me to make my blog into … Continue reading

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