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Weight Loss & Running Faster: Beyond Fuel

 “But Rachael, you need fuel to run well.” “Your body is a machine. You are the driver. The body needs fuel and maintenance.” “If you burn it, it really does not matter what you put in the furnace.” I can’t … Continue reading

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Thin Enough? The Athlete’s Dangerous Secret

Following up on the recent bravery of Michigan State University standout runner Rachele Schulist, I want to share my story too, because I think it’s important for all of us who’ve dealt with body image issues to speak up– and … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Dark Side of Distance Running

I met Megan Flanagan through social media thanks to our interest in preventing eating disorders in the running world, with a similar mission of speaking about the topic, and encouraging those who struggle to speak up. I am excited to … Continue reading

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I’m with Lauren Fleshman: Eating Disorders in the Running World

Life has been busy. Not only have I started my own YouTube channel, but I’ve also been scheduled for numerous speaking engagements, one of which I most recently completed this past Saturday with Yoga For a Cause. That event involved my first-ever radio … Continue reading

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Race Against the Stigma of Mental Illness: Interview with Suzy Favor Hamilton

Suzy Favor Hamilton–US Junior Record holder in the 1500m; three-time national junior champion in high school; winner of nine NCAA Titles, 32 Big-Ten Championships, and seven USA National titles; American Record holder and a three-time Olympian. And back in 2012, outted as … Continue reading

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A Life Without Running

I feel there are many reasons I developed an eating disorder (predisposition, type-A personality, being a people-pleaser, etc). It began with disordered eating (which, unfortunately, is very common), and when the key turned into the lock at a track race back … Continue reading

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Today, I Graduate

I will tell you a story about a girl. I will tell you a story about a girl who entered college anticipating a chance to start over—a chance to bring out the person she always felt had been trapped inside. … Continue reading

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A WALK in the Woods

About a week ago, I decided to take a walk in the woods. I have no idea how many miles I covered, and it was freeing not to care. I strayed off the path once in a while where I found … Continue reading

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Finding Peace

There was a point in my life where I–and I’m sure many of us–experienced that mind-numbing, heavy walk through each day; where we could not find the energy to speak to our friends and family; where we had lost ourselves so deeply … Continue reading

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Discipline, Drugs, and Disorder

After a bad race two years ago for indoor track (I had binged terribly the night before and even a bit into that morning), my coach had come over to talk to me about the race. “I’m mad because I know you’re … Continue reading

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