Chilled To the Bone: It’s Time for BINGE

I’m happy that To the Bone (YOU’VE BEEN TRIGGER-WARNED!!) is airing on Netflix to start an important eating disorder conversation, but I’m disappointed that the eating disorder story hasn’t varied or expanded in television/movies. It focuses on the physical consequences of being at a very low weight, something in the past kept me thinking I wasn’t “sick enough” to receive treatment in the midst of my eating disorder. I didn’t talk about calories at all (I was trying to hide an obsession I felt ashamed about!), never fainted from lack of food, and never whittled down to a near-death weight.
The reality is that most eating disorders (and these are just as serious) turn out to be average-/normal-weight women AND MEN consumed with hatred of their bodies/weight, think about food and calories constantly, and isolate themselves from friends and family. Even when eating disorders don’t end up with fainting spells, losing hair, or being put on a feeding tube, the other devastating realities we don’t often dive into are the feelings of loneliness, depression, development of other addictions, loss of control, bingeing as an aftermath of anorexia, and trying again and again to convince ourselves that life would be better without the eating disorder, but not quite wanting to give it up completely.

For some, just the preview of To the Bone is triggering, and in that case don’t watch it. LIFE is triggering. We either learn how to avoid those triggers or learn how to cope with them (hence the most recent addition to calorie counts on menus–I had to figure out how to deal with that one).
I am disappointed that To the Bone is following the same story line all the past eating disorder movies have followed. For a refreshing and common “ugly” side of eating disorders, check out the BINGE by HGL Studios (below). I’m not angry that To the Bone is coming out, because again, I think it contributes to an important eating disorder discussion. But I’m really wishing/hoping BINGE would be the one to come to fruition.

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Rachael Steil is a graduate from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts. Steil an author, speaker, and a recipient of the Spirit and Outstanding Runner award for the Aquinas College cross country team and has received 6th place All-American accolades in cross country as well as 7th place in the NAIA track nationals.
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  1. kale says:

    Yes yes yes!! I LOVE Binge for this exact reason!!

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