Finding Peace

There was a point in my life where I–and I’m sure many of us–experienced that mind-numbing, heavy walk through each day; where we could not find the energy to speak to our friends and family; where we had lost ourselves so deeply that we only felt defined by what we did or how we ate, and not by who we were.

Running has been good to me, and it certainly was my protector. It kept me striving for goals and interacting with others through fantastic experiences as well as heart-crushing downfalls. Meanwhile, the eating disorder entered my life in a way that devastated so much in its path. But that path led me to self-reflection and, with courage, a yearning to pull everything apart to find my identity–an identity, I learned, that connects me to so many others through empathy and understanding.

I was never as alone as I thought.


In the midst of raw food confusion; a summer of bingeing and fear.

The greatest part in all of this were the special people in my life who pushed me to find out exactly who I am today–and I know that even that will change with time. I have learned to expand my views, test the limits of the soul rather than just the body, and to find courage when the false walls of perfection are stripped down.

I’m ready to fly on my own. I’m ready for the next adventure ahead.

I’m ready to live.

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