FOOD. Yum. Welcome to the diet of Rachael!

Let me begin by saying that I eat strangely (i.e., plain oatmeal with raw veggies . . . we will come to this in a moment). Your meals may never look like mine–I mean, never. Please don’t ever feel like you have to strive to eat even close to the way I eat. It works for me and I encourage you to experiment with any and all whole food to see what works for you. So yes, I eat strange combinations and find them delicious. You may find them revolting. I am only posting this to respond to the question, “What do you eat now?”
I want to make it clear that what I eat right now is not set in stone; obviously things change over time, but this is what I eat after years of gathering information and getting help. This meal plan has been fairly consistent and keeps my weight stable. “Consistent” as in, I’ve been sticking to these foods for the most part for the past two months or so. There were plenty of changes along the way and I improved little by little. So far this has worked best for me as a runner and my personality I guess . . . if you could say the foods you eat are based on your personality. I think so, at least. I’m open to thoughts on this.

The reasons for each food item in my meal plan can be referred back to my journey into raw food and beyond, but as I said, you shall have to wait and see what happened there when the time comes. For a quick update on “the project” (I refuse to say “book” at this point because who knows if this will actually happen…we will get to that when the time comes) I’ve started to go back to edit/revise a lot of what I’ve written and I’m on document 11 of 47 (12 pages of written material, size 11 font, per document…yeah, there is a lot to look over. But it’s fun; as a writer, it is thrillingly fun). And the journey continues…so I do not yet have an ending. I’ll let you know if I reach 60 documents (I hope not).
Alright, lets get to it!
Calories may vary each day depending on how much I run. For the most part I follow a schedule of breakfast, lunch, and dinner with two snacks but some days I may eat less if I’m just not hungry and other days I’ll add in an extra meal (like on long run days when I’m extra hungry). Each meal usually includes a fat, protein, carb, fruit, and vegetable.
Breakfast: Carb (like potato or oatmeal when potatoes don’t sound good) with eggs, an apple (with liquid iron because I lose so much iron through running), and crunchy raw vegetables. Yes, this means that when I eat oatmeal I mix it in with the raw vegetables, eggs, etc. The apple is the sweet “ending” to the meal.


An explanation:
I believe potatoes are the best highest-source of carbs for me (plus they’re tasty) and I notice that including carbs in my meal helps the fullness factor.
Eggs are known to keep hunger at bay for a long time (with the healthy egg yolk–yes, yolk is healthy. Fat does not make you fat).
The apple is just obviously healthy and I like to add a little sweetness to eat meal. I preferably go for organic because apples are part of the “dirty dozen.” Plus the vitamin C helps me to absorb my iron. Why not other fruit? Apples never sounded that tasty on the 30bananasaday diet, but once I got off of 90% fruit diet, apples suddenly taste amazing again (don’t ask me why…it just happened this way).
And I’m sick of bananas; really, really sick of bananas.
Mmm...oatmeal with veggies (I already ate the eggs...sorry they are missing from this photo)

Mmm…oatmeal with veggies (I already ate the eggs…sorry they are missing from this photo)

Lunch: an avocado with raw vegetables, any form of meat protein (ground beef, chicken, turkey–free range, grass-fed from the farmer’s market!), potatoes, and an apple.
An Explanation:
raw vegetables: well, the raw food diet should explain why these are so great. I am just happy to keep including them in my diet and I always like to have something crunchy in my meal.
avocado: Healthy fat, plus it’s delicious with the raw veggies! And you can absorb more of the vegetable nutrients if you include fat with it.
meat protein: highest source of protein, tastes good…learned a lot of great information from the Paleo diet about the benefits of meat.
Ground, free-range chicken, butternut squash, potatoes, carrots...the veggies are underneath there somewhere...

Free-range ground chicken, butternut squash, potatoes, carrots…the raw veggies are underneath there somewhere…

Dinner: Looks about the same as lunch.
Snacks: potato or fruit before the run (I can easily digest these carbs with no stomach problems). The reason why I don’t include as much fat in my diet (especially before I run) is because it bothers my stomach and I end up having to wait 4-6 hours after eating fat in order to run without pain/discomfort. Blech. Plus I’m happy to eat my carbs from potatoes–they are a great fuel, filling, and taste great!
I also indulge in dark chocolate, Ecotrek bars, all natural peanut butter, and Nutri-grain bars (childhood favorite). I eat grains/gluten once in a while because they don’t bother me but I try to keep it to only to when I truly crave them. Usually I will eat Ezekiel bread and/or oatmeal when I crave bread-y stuff. I also know that wheat makes it difficult to absorb iron so that’s another reason why I try to avoid it but it is not completely off limits.
In fact, no food is completely off limits for me. I will eat processed desserts on occasion and other “fear foods” when I feel up for it. I just want to eat healthy on a consistent basis and I happen to love healthy food after eating it so much.
As I mentioned before, please don’t feel like you need to follow what I eat. I certainly don’t know everything about nutrition but I have done my research, and even in my research I’ve seen that different diets work for different people. Find what works best for you!

About Rachael

Rachael Steil is a graduate from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts. Steil an author, speaker, and a recipient of the Spirit and Outstanding Runner award for the Aquinas College cross country team and has received 6th place All-American accolades in cross country as well as 7th place in the NAIA track nationals.

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3 Responses to FOOD. Yum. Welcome to the diet of Rachael!

  1. Ryan says:

    Well, I’m happy I get to be the first person to ask. How did the oatmeal and raw veggies combination start?

    • rachael says:

      And I thank you for your question! :)
      Well I knew that oatmeal is a carb like potatoes, and potatoes taste good with any savory foods like vegetables so…why not try oatmeal with vegetables? :) I gave it a whirl and voila! Delicious (at least to me. Anyone else, let me know if you experiment with it and like it as well).
      Also, I remember seeing on a Paleo forum that someone ate potatoes with dark chocolate…sounds crazy, right? BUT THAT’S DELICIOUS TOO! Who knew?
      I must confess that my “purity of food” tendencies may have been a factor in putting raw vegetables on top of this oatmeal. I feel most comfortable if I include vegetables in like EVERY meal. I feel guilt if I don’t include vegetables, but a part of me craves the crunchy vegetable texture in each meal, too.

  2. Jaclyn says:

    As a vegetarian I love this! I completely get where you’re coming from when you say you love to have vegetables with every meal. It really shouldn’t be something that’s weird or unusual but sadly it is. And it’s amazing how good raw food can be. I used to think that I would never love raw carrots or broccoli and now I find myself eating them all the time. It’s nice too that you keep yourself open to different ideas. Right now I am in between cutting fish from my diet but I eat it so rarely and it’s so healthy that I just can’t bring myself to do it. And besides who gets to dictate our diets but ourselves? It’s not like there are any secret diet police running around telling you you’re not a REAL follower of any diet because you mix and match. They’re just annoying people who like to complain.

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