Here’s to a Fear-Free New You New Year!

This is my prayer.
I know the holidays are difficult for those with eating disorders. I pray that you worked through it, that you allowed yourself to enjoy time with friends and family rather than having food rule whether it was “good” or “bad.”
This is my prayer.
We have another year ahead of us—and to you, I wish you good luck, and health, and love toward yourself. I wish you more ease and comfort with food. I wish that you find love and joy in the simple beauties of life—including the delectable taste of a fresh new dish. I encourage you, as I encourage myself, to venture out and try new foods. I encourage you to live more this next year.
This is my prayer.
I wish you to feel the exhilaration of life. I wish you to find yourself, to keep digging. I wish you to uncover the darker parts of yourself, because you are worth digging for. I wish you tears and a bit of heartache, because those are the times where we let ourselves become vulnerable, and we learn and grow. Those bad times help us to understand more about who we are as people.
This is my prayer.
I wish you a happy new year. I wish you luck. I wish all of us courage, strength, and bravery as we tackle the new adventures waiting for us.

About Rachael

This is my personal journey in my poor relationship with food while racing competitively at the collegiate level. What began as gradual restriction for weight loss during my senior year of high school turned into a mental battle to keep the weight down, only for my mind and body to battle back a year later after attempting first the raw food diet, with other diet trials thereafter. As I write about these different diets, I do not advocate a certain way of eating, but instead I show what seemed to work for me, and what didn't--and that with having an eating disorder (while certainly mild compared to others) I was unable to have a good relationship with food at any point.
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2 Responses to Here’s to a Fear-Free New You New Year!

  1. Florence says:

    So inspirational and beautifully put :) Gotta keep digging! Lovely prayer!

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