I Finished One Book, Working on Two More?

Life has been different for me recently, but I have never felt more alive and excited.

Here’s the deal: there are three books I’m working on at the moment. The first, which you are all quite familiar with, is awaiting an agent. I have cleaned up the manuscript, had a friend edit it recently, and now I have pushed it to the side to take a break. I understand that the publishing process is a long journey so patience is the key. Knowing what I face with that keeps me humble and patient. There’s a lot to learn.

While I learn about how to get that first book published, I’ve completed a second book that carries on with the journey of the eating disorder plus an abrupt turning point with a major physical injury. So, there’s that … and no guarantee that that will be traditionally published, but it’s kept me busy and is continually honing my writing skills. The book is currently finished but in need of major editing.

And yes, there’s book three, which I’m currently writing as I live it. The cool thing about being a memoir writer is that part of the process is writing of course, but you have to involve yourself with other life activities in order to have something to write about. So that’s been fun.

Living it up with the night life. #Snapchats

Living it up with the night life. #Snapchats

I have never felt more like myself as I do now. I am happy. There are still ups and downs with the eating disorder and I have plenty to fix but I’m always learning and moving forward with my life. Running … that’s a different story. But like I said, I’m writing a third book (even if it’s just for myself) to reflect and learn more about this phase of my life and help me to keep moving forward.

I continually think of all of you. I’m working my best to get the book published but like I said, it’s a matter of patience and moving on to other things while I wait. I have an eating disorder presentation and reading that I’ll be giving at my college in the next month, I’m continually expanding my knowledge of the writing world, and graduation will be here before I know it.

Life is good.

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