Strong Runner Chicks (SRC) Radio, Episode 3 with Rachael Steil
Tips for Binge Eaters (Nancy Clark, RD) from Running in Silence
Toxic Training: How to Recognize the Signs of an Athlete in Trouble
Interview by Dr. David Susman: No Longer ‘Running in Silence’
Women’s Running Online: New Book ‘Running In Silence’ Sheds Light On Eating Disorders
Strong Runner Chicks : A Day in the Life of Rachael Steil
Running Coaches Connection Podcast with Guest High School Cross Country Coach Rachael Steil
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Women’s Running: 5 Red Flags That Someone May Have An Eating Disorder
The Chin-Up Podcast, Episode 5: Rachael Steil, a Competitive Runner, Overcomes an Eating Disorder

College Running and Eating Disorders Podcast
Inspirational Runner: Rachael Steil by
eightWest: Eating Disorder Awareness Week: Help & hope are available
FOX 17: How to learn from and participate in Eating Disorders Awareness Week
Be Aware, Be Educated: National Eating Disorders Awareness Week
WOTV 4 Women, The Maranda Show
Book Review~~Running With a Loud Voice
West Michigan Author Educates Readers About Disordered Eating
‘Running in Silence’ author to sign in Holland
WGVU Public Media: Running in Silence
 Conversations with Kim Carson: The Story behind Running in Silence
Aquinas Alum Tells Her Story
Aquinas Graduate Publishes Her First Book Running in Silence
Public Reality Radio Show: Running in Silence Book Release Episode 2
Public Reality Radio Show: Running in Silence Book Release Episode 1
The Saint newspaper (Aquinas College)
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Rachael Steil’s Story via
Podcast for Training on Empty


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