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Eating Disorders in Sport: What Can an Athletic Staff Do?
This resource guide was created by Paula Quatromoni and her colleagues in the Walden GOALS program at Walden Behavioral Care, serving the greater Boston area.
Paula Quatromoni (DSc, MS, RD, LDN) highly endorses books like Running in Silence and Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook as helpful resources for coaches and athletes.
Sports Nutrition Advice for Adolescent Athletes: A Time to Focus on Food
A great nutrition overview for athletes created by Mary Ellen Bingham, MS, RD, CSSD, Mimi E. Borkan, and Paula A. Quatromoni, DSc, RD
Running in Silence Blog Posts about Coaching


A Case of the Jills: Every Athlete Should Get Their Period . . . Period (YouTube Channel)

Eating Disorders in Men

How a collegiate runner conquered the growing dilemma of male eating disorders
Matt Smith, Recovered Anorexic, Now Dumpster Diver (Video Interview)
Long Run Talk: Battling an Eating Disorder, Male Eating Disorder Research
Video/Interview: Athletes and Eating Disorders: An Olympic Hopeful Shares His Journey
(Walden Behavioral Care)
After former Penn State kicker Joey Julius hit bottom, asking for help was the thing that saved him


The Victory Program at McCallum Place St. Louis
designed to meet the needs of athletes struggling with eating disorders
Walden Behavioral Care
Walden’s GOALS Intensive Outpatient Program is built specifically for athletes of all ages and levels (high school, collegiate, professional), optimizing the balance between nutritional needs and performance goals.


Dear Younger Me: Lauren Fleshman
Strong Runner Chicks: Redefining What it Means to be a Female Distance Runner
Lize Brittin, author of Training on EmptyGreat eating disorder insight/thoughts on her website
Amber Sayer, author of PR: A Personal Record of Running from Anorexia
Lane 9 Project: We work to bring coaches, teachers, parents, and female runners together to increase awareness of eating disorder signs and symptoms


Phit for a Queen, a podcast devoted to female athletes wanting to have it all: performance, health, intellect and time for self. Created by Rebecca McConville, RD, CSSD and Kara Shelman, LCSW, MPH at Centimano Counseling.
Nancy Clark, internationally respected sports nutritionist, weight coach, nutrition author, and registered dietitian who specializes in nutrition for performance, health, and the nutritional management of eating disorders: BLOG/Website
Studies/Research by Paula Quatromoni, one of the nation’s top experts on the intersection of nutrition, eating disorders and athletes:
A Tale of Two Runners: A Case Report of Athletes’ Experiences with Eating Disorders in College Paula A. Quatromoni, DSc, RD, LDN e
Two Voices: Recovery from Disordered Eating as Told by an Elite Male Athlete and his Sports Nutritionist David S. Proctor1 and Paula A. Quatromoni
Eating Disorders in Collegiate Female Athletes: Factors That Assist Recovery Jessyca N. Arthur-Cameselle & Paula A. Quatromoni
Factors Related to the Onset of Eating Disorders Reported by Female Collegiate Athletes Jessyca N. Arthur-Cameselle & Paula A. Quatromoni


Why Don’t You Lose 5 Pounds Eating Disorders in Sports Documentary
Executive Producer Nancy Kerrigan
Producer & Director Chris Blunk

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