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The Difficulty in Understanding

Eating disorders thrive in secrecy. Friends and family members will rarely (if ever) see the dozen empty candy bar wrappers stashed in your trash (perhaps wrapped/hidden in crumpled toilet paper) or find measuring cups lying on the counter. It may … Continue reading

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Embracing Emotion

“I am thawing.” These are the final words in Laurie Halse Anderson’s book Wintergirls. Mind you, it’s a triggering eating disorder novel for those with eating disorders, but that’s probably because it’s one of the most accurate, artistic portrayals of what it’s … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Brittany Burgunder’s Battle

I came across Brittany’s blog about a year ago and found her eating disorder struggle similar to my own. I have certainly not gone through the same intensity, but as in with any eating disorder or disordered eating, the disorder should … Continue reading

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We Must Speak

I want to tell you that it is okay to ask for help. That even now I still struggle to do it myself. That just the other day, when I finally admitted to myself that the eating disorder was worsening again, … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Carrots and (Candy) Sticks

WARNING: The following content may be triggering if you feel you are not at a good place to read about another person’s experience with their eating disorder. A wonderful reader and supporter of this blog agreed to share her eating … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Lize Brittin’s Journey Part 2

(See Part 1 of Lize Brittin’s journey here). After 20 years of struggling, my life started to feel different. Over time, I was able to find joy again. I could run again without having to force myself to be at … Continue reading

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Eating Disorders Prey on Males, Too

If you can imagine how tough it is for women to be open about their eating disorders, just imagine how tough it is for males! I had a friend who I asked to share his experience here on the blog. I encourage … Continue reading

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We Lost a Beautiful Soul

About a week ago today we lost a blog reader to anorexia. Elizabeth Ellie S was not a close friend of mine; heck, we never even met in person. I don’t know how she found my blog, but when she … Continue reading

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It’s Time for Change

I think I’m ready for change. I’m ready to take the next step to eating “normally” among society. I’m ready to get out of this rut. It’s weird how those feelings suddenly come; when you realize the food you deemed … Continue reading

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Meals on the Go

“How do you think of that?” My friend Carly asked me this on a road trip about a year ago. I had popped open a can of tuna and pulled out a bag of bread and container of coconut oil … Continue reading

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