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My life has been non-stop busy, what with coaching cross country (finishing off a good season with our ladies!), adapting to a new work routine at the YMCA (it’s great to work for a place that not only focuses on fitness of the body but also the mind and spirit–the epitome of how I strive to live now), while also getting the marketing and promotion of this book going, has made life a whirlwind. I can easily say that sleeping in until 1 p.m. this morning (whoops, afternoon!?) marked a new personal record for me, and is just one example that demonstrates the exhaustion I’ve felt in keeping up with everything at the moment.

I recently ordered my first round of books for my upcoming Book Release Party event on November 15, as well as for a book reading at Aquinas College the next day!

Many people have asked how excited I am for this book release–at this point, I’m excited to have a book that I’ve written (I’ve always wanted to be an author!) out into the world, but I’m more excited to have something to offer to others besides just speaking at presentations/events or on the web. At this point its the networking and travel that I want–to speak out on this subject and reach coaches, teams, and individuals who are struggling, because I remember how scary, frustrating, and confusing it felt when I was the midst of the eating disorder.

After receiving some wonderful endorsement quotes from the few people who have had the chance to read the book before the release, I’m so thankful for their support and taking the time to read it. I’ve included some of the quotes below, a few of which will also be in the text.

Ready or not, it’s about time I have this book out into the world.


“Running in Silence is not just about eating disorders and recovery—it’s a book that incorporates questions to help others begin dealing with their behaviors. Steil reveals the courage it takes to go to a place of pain and find the strength to heal. She breaks free on her own terms and shows the reader how to do the same. There is hope and compassion from a writer who cares about the reader.”
–Suzy Favor Hamilton, former Olympic middle distance runner and New York Times bestselling author of Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running from Madness

“Rachael’s voice is no longer silent, but now a guide to those looking to better their lives. Her honest and compelling memoir courageously sheds light on her fight with eating disorders and brings hope that recovery is possible. This story gives everyone a voice.”
–Brittany Burgunder, eating disorder survivor and author of Safety in Numbers

“Not all of us can identify with eating disorders, but Running in Silence gives a star athlete’s perspective of what it’s like. The decline and then the journey back is a compelling story that gives us hope that any of us can recover from our challenges.”
–Don Kern, adventure runner and Director of the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon

“Rachael Steil has written a powerful book which began as a series of blog posts in the midst of her struggle with an eating disorder as a collegiate runner. Intended as a self-help guide, this book will also be useful to the coaching and sports medicine community which surrounds athletes, helping alert them to the important message that eating disorders are not just about weight. As Rachael tries one restrictive food plan after another, only to fail and blame herself for not being ‘strong enough’, she invites us into the mind of a highly competitive athlete, with a drive for perfection and a ‘mind over matter’ mindset which places her, and many others like her, at particular risk for disordered eating behaviors. Running in Silence also demonstrates how eating disorders flourish in an environment of secrecy and shame, for it is only by beginning to admit her struggles and talk honestly with others that she is ultimately able to heal.
–Gail Hall, LMSW, CEDS, Director of Comprehensive Treatment for Eating Disorders, and co-founder of the Michigan Eating Disorders Alliance

“Rachael has transitioned her courage and determination from her running to her writing and has helped educate us on the dangers and challenges facing those with eating disorders. She not only provides signals to look for, but action plans to address these personal health issues. I congratulate her on her openness and courage.”
–Greg Meyer, American long-distance runner, winner of the 1983 Boston Marathon

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  1. Dean Robertson
    Dean Robertson says:

    Suzy Favor Hamilton’s endorsement sure reinforces our belief and the work we did to incorporate all those questions. You did a fine job of turning your compelling narrative into an interactive work that makes it possible to use “Silence” as a workbook. Brava, Rachael! And those weekly YouTube videos are a stroke of genius.

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